Life Coaching Helps Define Leadership Goals

Powerful questions transform lives. Life coaching creates intentional conversations centered around powerful questions and the development of personal goals. The discovery of new life directions and exciting goals breathes new energy into your life. You determine the path of the conversation and your life coach walks with you to find the horizon you are seeking. Take a few minutes to get to know our Life Coaches to see which one will be your conversation partner.



Darrell is an International Coaching Community certified coach, trained in church consultation, and intentional interims. With more than forty years of church leadership experience, he is committed to the support church leaders.


Jill Robinson is an International Coaching Community certified coach utilizing a specific coaching methodology based on outcomes, goals orientation, moving forward in decision making, and clients creating their own path towards their specific need/outcome. 


With a deep passion for the local church, as well as a commitment to the health and success of both clergy and congregations, Dr. William “Bill” Wilson founded The Center for Healthy Churches  in 2014.  To Bill, Coaching can be such a life-giving, encouraging, and invigorating influence upon those faithfully seeking to hone their gifts and talents for ministry.


Lia McIntosh is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach, a United Methodist Church endorsed life coach, a Gallup certified CliftonStrengths coach, author of two books, and program officer for the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri.