Darrell Gwaltney – Life Coach

Darrell Gwaltney has served as the dean for the College of Theology and Christian Ministry at Belmont University since 2004. He was named the H. Franklin Paschall Chair of Biblical Studies and Preaching in 2012. He serves as Executive Director of the Academy of Preachers and the Co-Director of the Lilly Endowment funded Project Thrive. 

He is also the Director of the Moench Center for Church Leadership.

He teaches biblical studies, theology, worship and preaching, and church leadership classes in addition to his administrative duties as dean. He loves students and conversations with people about faith and life as he likes to think deeply and purposefully about how to be best prepared for the work God has called us to do.

In addition to classroom and administrative responsibilities, Darrell has an active ministry consulting with churches and serving as an transitional interim. Ecumenical in breadth of service, he has a commitment to the local church and its leadership seeking to provide resources and encouragement for healthy and transformative leadership. 

He is an International Coaching Community certified coach, trained in church consultation, and transitional interims. With more than forty years of church leadership experience, he is committed to the support church leaders.

He is an avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, a lover of books, a pretend coder, gardener, and a big fan of his wife of 39 years, Donna, his daughter Meghan, her husband, Alvaro, and their child, his first grandson, Lucas; his daughter, Jordan; and his son, Trey. He is also glad to tell you stories about his huge Newfoundland dogs, Jasmine and Gino.

“In the six coaching sessions I had with Darrell Gwaltney, he asked me questions I had been unwilling to ask myself and helped me to think beyond the now and about the future into which God is calling me.”


“Darrell is an encourager and wise mentor who helps uncover gifts, set goals, and take practical steps towards a promising future. He coaches as a pastor with a heart for ministry and love for people. During a career transition, Darrell’s sessions sharpened my focus on my strengths, passions, and dreams for the future. Under his direction, I was able to plan the next steps to achieve my goals and follow God’s leading.”