Personal and spiritual growth result from intentional efforts to explore life goals and spiritual formation. We all need guidance to help us ask the powerful questions that bring about the change we seek in our lives. Personal and spiritual growth are the product of individual reflection, one-on-one dialogue, and group conversations. If you’re asking yourself “What’s my purpose in life?” and thinking about the future it may be time for a transformation.


Powerful questions and reflective listening help you discover new goals to empower your work and breathe new purpose into your life. Your coach creates a way for you to imagine new paths and opportunities for your life.


Good conversations focused on deepening one’s relationship with God and discerning one’s spirituality shape this deeply personal work. The work of spiritual direction involves being present with another as he or she grows in spiritual understanding.


Our spiritual formation activities provide opportunities for individuals to begin an intentional process of exploring their spirituality and developing practices to continue to grow in self-understanding and spiritual discipline.