Jill Robinson – Life Coach

Jill Robinson is an International Coaching Community certified coach utilizing a specific coaching methodology based on outcomes, goals orientation, moving forward in decision making, and clients creating their own path towards their specific need/outcome. 

She believes clients have the ability to learn, grow, and set obtainable goals to reach outcomes in their own way that is unique to their individual makeup.  She takes joy in walking alongside her clients as they make changes in their life and their future, and to celebrate their accomplishments in undertaking these steps to reach their goals. 

Her coaching often focuses on clarity of goals, clarity of values, culture fit/environmental needs, evaluating future opportunities, understanding leadership and communication styles, career shifts, and developing plans for action.

Jill has an MA in Organizational Management and an MBA and extensive leadership experience in the business community in Nashville, TN. She has considerable experience with various nonprofits in marketing, outreach, strategic initiatives, and leadership development.

In her spare time she serves on nonprofit boards, spoils her nieces, paints, enjoys yoga, and hikes.

“When I first started working with Jill, I was at a vocational dead end. I felt like all doors had been closed and I had no sense of where to go next. Through personalized, intentional exercises, Jill helped me discern the top five non-negotiable aspects of my next career move. By recognizing these elements as essential, I was able to reclaim the value of my unique gifts and skills. Furthermore, this knowledge helped me to say “no” to the opportunities that were not right for me and gave me the confidence to keep searching for my perfect fit.”


“I was thoroughly impressed with Jill’s ability to facilitate my process of identifying what I wanted from my next career move. She helped me see beyond my comfort zone to real opportunities ahead. Jill was so lovely- encouraging and supportive- while keeping me on task. Her innate strengths and certified training make her an absolute pro! Jill came highly recommended by two colleagues, and I have referred others to her as well.” 


“Jill’s approach to guiding clients toward their potential is patient, supportive and motivating. I credit her for leading me back to my core professional and personal values, needs and boundaries; recognizing my worth; setting goals; and pursuing the best next steps that truly align with that foundation. I’m so grateful for what I have learned from her and how it has placed me on a more purposeful path.”


“Jill Robinson was my executive coach after I left my company of 18 years. Jill was not just my coach, but also my mentor. I believed in her and she never stopped believing in me. I owe much of me obtaining my dream job to Jill and her coaching abilities. She helped me to think outside of my comfort zone, and pushed me to use my skill set. We created my perfect job description, and I am very lucky to have a job that I absolutely love.”